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Flavours of Italy

Veal cooked to pink with tuna sauce and bloom capers


Hand made trofie pasta with basil pesto sauce,

potatoes and green beans


Pan fried seabass Mediterranean style with cherry tomatoes 

and olives, sautéed spinach

The Delizia!

Calamari stuffed with green chard and stewed

with shallot and broad beans


Scialatielli with fry eggplants, tomato sauce and

grated hard ricotta cheese


Veal filet Saltimbocca with Romanesco cabbage

and roasted baby potatoes

Italian with a twist

Eggplant parmesan flan, fresh basil


Orecchiette sauteed with zucchini, zucchini flower and clams


Paddlefish filled with fresh aromatic herbs and bread crumb,

served with vegetables caponata

Very Casual Italian Dinner

Buffalo mozzarella cheese “Caprese”, basil sauce and

caramelized balsamic vinegar


Maccheroni carbonara style with crispy bacon


Grandma’s Italian meatballs with tomato sauce, served

with garlic bread crouton and sautéed spinach


Granny’s sweetie pie

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